Day 4 – teamwork PLUS

Day 4 started wit a pleasant hour drive to the site and mixing a quick yard of concrete to finish up the vase pour. Then the trucks started arriving. First the steel truck with rebar. Next the rock truck with rock for the “good” concrete and then the cinder block truck with tons of block. Al this new material got the site packed, which required us to move a 2 yard pile of RICK and sand. Labor is Cheap. 

We then began bending and tying rebar, and digging the septic tank. No shortage of work for the team. Our teamwork skills were tested as we unloaded the block truck moving the blocks in a fire line 30 yards with 15 people. 

The septic tank digging was also a teamwork test, once we got down 4 feet we handed the dirt up in buckets and put into wheelbarrows. Lots of dirt handling. 

A bit cooler on day 4 with a little cloud cover. Only 93 degrees. Using lots of GU Engery Electrolyte tablets. 

Steel truck and sand we moved 15 feet
Brian in septic tank digging
Nick tying rebar
Lots of blocks moved by the team
Getting deeper. Need to go to 10 feet
Drew looking good after getting out of septic tank hole
Sifted sand. Used for mortar for blocks
Team taking a break in the shade


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