Day 3 – work and heat

Got to the site after a hour van ride with every seat filled. The site is down the mountain and very hot. Our first job was to set up 2 tents to have some shade. Next we dug out the footings for the foundation and started mixing concrete by hand. Concrete mixing is hard work. Mixing the sand, rock and concrete dry requires lots of shoveling. Then adding water requires lots more shoveling. Then you get to shovel into wheel barrows and dump into footings I think we mixed 4-6 yards today. It does help to have 15 people working and dice we only have 6 shovels you can get a break. 
After we finished pouring the bottoms is the footings got back in the van and stopped in Allegria where we took in the view and walked the 100 steps in town. Then back to hostel for a shower, beer and dinner. 

Tomorrow is more concrete and tying rebar. Should be fun😎


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