On to Berlin

We got on a bus to travel to the town where we planned to stay for the week to build the house.   Our first stop was the war memorial wall 85 meters of names of the killed and missing in the civil war. Our guide gave us the interpretation of the art work depicting the history of El Salvador  

We then traveled to a small town near our hostel for lunch. Great views and much cooler at 4,000 feet up. Nice lunch meeting the local team and one of the owners of the house we are going to work on.  We toured the shops in town and left for our hostel. Checked in and quickly left to visit the house and the family the team worked for last year. Very interesting to see how the house is built and how the people live. 
Then went back to hostel. Dinner, cards and beer. Then called it a day. Up at 6:00 am tomorrow to start working.  Great time and fun group. 

Explaining art work at the memorial
The wall of names of the killed or missing
Lunch with the owners of the house we are building
Street fair in town. View of the mountains
House built last year by habitat team and the family


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