El Salvador 2017

Hey, the adventure is starting.  Off on a trip to build houses in El Salvador.  I will have my Spot on so follow along on my location.  Hope to publish every day and share this adventure with all my friends.  The link below has my full itinerary and an overview of the trip.   We are staying in a very small town called Berlin.


We are in the providence of Usulután state and building foundations for a new house.  Here is the map of El Salvador to see where we will be staying in the country.

Will be posting daily blogs to  share the experience.

Thanks for following.  Here is the Spot address to follow.  I will turn on SPOT when  I reach El Salvador.



GV Pre-Departure


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Outdoors adventurer with a passion to backpack and be out in the world.

2 thoughts on “El Salvador 2017”

  1. Good luck, and stay safe!  Map not working for me, though.       Jeanette 

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  2. Hey, the adventure is starting. Woke up to water streaming across the road, and a lovely burbling fountain behind the spa. This is NOT an April Fool’s Day joke.


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