Had a great vacation from PCT visiting with family and friends. My legs also recovered feeling ready to hike again. Ended up buying new shorts (smaller size) and new shoes (larger size). I also got a few things done around the house. We had a Warriors party that was fun even though they lost. 

My dad turned 90 on June 17th and we had a big family and friends party on the 18th. It was a get event  and a lot of fun. Loads of thanks to Kathy for making the party a great success. 

Repp family and friends at party

Lots of fun hanging with kids and friends. Looking forward to October and being back to normal. 

On June 21st back on trail. 

Brunch with the gang

California to Oregon

Etna was my last supply stop before getting to Ashland, OR. This section is 120 miles going through the Marble Mountains.  It has highs above 7,000 feet and lows down to 1,300, so a lot of up and down. Some hikers that I met the last section caught me since I resupplied in Etna. I camped two nights with one or two other north bound hikers, a record for N.  Ca. 

A new widerness area I love this section
Still a bit of snow on the trail

The weather turned colder this section the first night I had ice on both the inside and outside of my tent. At lunch took my tent out to dry out andthere was ice in the stuff bag

My icy home in the Marble Mountains

Had a small misadventures when I got to Marble Valley I got distracted with a Boy Scout troop and a few other campers and took the wrong trail for about a mile. It was a great trail but not the PCT. Nice water fall. Extra 2 miles on  a 30 mile day. 

Waterfall not on PCT

The trail out of the Marbles to
Seiad Valley went down over 5,500 feet. It was cool seeing all the different plants and blooms at each elevation

Flowers all over the trail
Trail a bit overgrown n this section

Decending down Grinder creek was tough. Needed to cross 4 times and only two bridges were in place. First crossing was take off the shoes and walk across. The other was on fallen logs. Very exciting. 

Easy walk across the creek
This bridge has seen better days. use the log
At last the campground !!

Waked 6 miles on roads along the Klamath river to get to Seiad Valley. A very small town with a store, cafe and RV park. It is the last town on the PCT before Oregon, so lots of people stop here. I only stopped for breakfast which was fun talking to the locals on a Sunday morning. Very interesting town. Left at 11:00 for the 4,500 foot climb out of the valley  

Looking down on Seiad Valley and the Klamath
Shasta peaking out over Marble Mountains
Oregon I made it. where are the ballons?

My first day in Oregon started with a light snow at 28 degrees.  Putting on snow gear and gloves I head the 23 miles to Callahan’s Lodge on I-5. It was a bit strange, two days before dipping my shirt in creeks 3 times a day and now wearing gloves and 4 layers.  The snow was pretty and better than rain. 

Trees are flocked in Oregon-who knew?
A new beautiful forest to hike

Great news Callahan’s only had 3 rooms left so they put me in a penthouse suite. Wow. Much nicer than my tent and the PCT rate is awesome!!  I love these guys!!

I found the Lodge
Great room with fire place to dry my socks

Next a week off to celebrate my dad’s 90th birthday. Then back to the Sierras. 

The adventure will continue. 

The Quite Trail

The section from I-5 to Etna goes through Castle Crags, Shasta-Trinity, Klammath and the Russian Wilderness. The trail was 98 miles mostly going west. There is a reason the PCT is a scenic trail it stays high and goes the long way. This section had great views and deep valleys. Lot’s of snow above 7,000 feet which slowed the progress a bit. 

Castle Crags rock formations

The strange thing about this section was there were almost no other hikers. Went 2 days without seeing another backpacker. Definitely not the PCT social area. 

Looking back to Castle Crags
Deadfall lake mile 1534 of PCT
Creeks are full and cold with snow melt
Crossing the snow fields-being careful!
Smith Lake from the snow fields
Lot’s of steep snow crossings

Got to road to Etna and got a ride with a contractor from Santa Cruz. Big frisbee golfer. Dropped me off at the PCT hiker hut (only $25 per night) that I shared with 4 other hikers. One section hiker even bought me dinner. Thanks Glen!!

Alderbrook Manor with PCT hut

Next section 119 miles to Ashland, OR. Just need a ride back to the trail.  Got one thanks Phil!

The Heat is on

Hot, hot, hot . . .

Left Burney around 10:00am after mailing extra food forward to Castella, near Shasta, and it was already over 80. Hiked 10 miles to Burney Falls and decided it was too hot to hike. Got lunch at store and took a nap at the falls where it was 25 degrees cooler

Traill magic cooler with cold drinks

Hanging out at Burney Falls
Burney Falls. very cool on a hot day

The hiking was fantastic, you would come over a ridge with a new view of Shasta. The forests had huge trees in lush valleys with lots of creeks. As I was starting down from a ridge I noticed some animal in the bushes. It was a cute little bear cub. I then noticed its sibling and then the mom, cinnamon colored bear came out of the bushes and grunted at the Cubs. Those cubs were fast both going up a different tree. I decided going backwards on the trail was a good plan and left the Bears. 

view of Shasta near bear sighting

Following trail across valley

Great forest trails

Cooling off in a spring

Ended up doing my first over 30 mile day getting to Dunsmuir it started with finding s tent and sleeping pad on the trail. I decided person that lost the gear was going north so I picked them up and again had two tents. ( and two pads) up the trail a few miles I ran into Melissa who was frantically looking for her lost gear. She had back tracked 12 miles camped on the side of the trail the night before when it got too dark to search. She was very happy I had her gear. Finished my 31 mile day at highway 5 and had dinner at Dunsmuir Brewery. A good 92 mile section

Nice art work

Live music at the brewery

Time for new shoes- too much duct tape on old pair

Next leg is 98 miles to Etna with new shoes ( a full size larger than I started with)

Chester to Burney

Let me tell you it is much warmer in N. CA then in the Sierras. My favorite brother dropped me off on the PCT 10:30 am on Saturday May 28th to start my 390 mile run to the Oregon boarder. My plan was to only hike 10 miles to wait for my trail friends to finish laundry and resupply in Chester and start hiking mid afternoon. I had a nice leisurely hike through a ” managed” forest and set up camp at the North Fork of the Feather River. 

Unfortunately my friends got held up in Chester and did not show up, so I began my solo hike up through Lassen to Burney. It is strange that I had hiked 800 miles of the PCT but always with someone. It became interesting to just go with out any others, just enjoying the trail. 

Lassen is a great park!  Views are spectacular. 

First view of Lassen from south

I did find snow east of Lassen not too difficult and only 8 miles. Had my longest day going 28 miles around Lassen

Finding trail a challenge with 4 feet of snow

Creek crossing on downed trees

Ski Lassen – snow looks great

Camping on Hat Creek. Note hanging food bags

Trail friend – reducing mice population

Walking to Shasta

After leaving Lassen walked across the dry Hat Creek Rim – 29 miles without a water source. Luckily I ran into some day hikers who told me about some water caches on trail

Great water cache with chairs

I arrived in Burney on the 31st to temps just below 100. My resupply box was at the post office (thanks Kathy). Then did standard town stuff – laundry, food organization and eating as much as possible 

Green Gables hotel with air conditioning