Change in Weather

Leaving Cajon Pass on our way to Wrightwood we found Winter. At 8,200 feet up a snow storm hit with 25 mph winds. After hiking in 85 degree deserts the last two days this is crazy. So looks like 6 crazy hikers are with me. My friend Scott would love this storm


Looking out of my tent at other crazy hikers
Nice view of the valley
Wrong foot wear for the snow


On the trail again

After two and a half days resting in Idyllwild we hit the trail.   

Our cabin in Idyllwild very relaxing

We hiked 2 miles up through town to the trailhead and started climbing up 4,000 feet to our highest point so far on the PCT


looking west to the valley. Getting higher!
The first patch of snow 8,000 feet
8,500 feet lots of snow
The trail goes this way – Not the suicide trail

We made it over fuller ridge at 9,000 feet and defended 4,000 feet into the desert. Dry camping around 5,000 feet up


Campsite below Fuller Ridge

Next day hiking to the desert a 20 mile no water run.   Crossing the 200 mile mark only 5 more miles to water


  At the desert water faucet almost stepped on a rattle snake.  Got a picture as it crossed the trail

Missed stepping on this guy by an inch!!

Since trail was closed north of the 10. We were saved by trail angels Megan and Daniel who picked us up took us to lunch and brought us to Big Bear. We waited under the 10 for our ride in 90+ temps. The desert is not that fun.
 On my hike to Big Bear saw some great trail magic. Lots of food water and a few beers
Got to Big Bear on Wed and joined Jerry in town to resupply and do laundry. Thanks for the box Kathy!  Hiked out of Big Bear and got a good 20 mile day. Camped with a large group which made the night time noises very interesting ( see Jerry’s blog for details)


Leaving Big Bear Lake
We reached mile 300 on Friday 4/22. Over 10% done

 Camped on Deep Creek a very cool canyon with very few camping spots


Morning break after 14 miles on Deep Creek
Hiked another 20 mile day but got to soak feet in creek

Saturday retuned to the desert and hike 22 miles past the Mojave Reservoir ( no water) to Silverwood Lake. 


Desert hiking with my shade

Crossing Deep Creek cool on the feet

We received more trail magic from a Triple Crown hiker helping hikers for the weekend. Also promoting a business that resupplies hikers. he also had the cutest puppy Lobo

Got to Silverwood Lake and camped at boaters picnic area. Nice spot and lake was great for swimming 


Sunrise over Silverwood Lake

Climbed out of the lake for Cajon Pass on I15. Hotel, showers and Warriors 


Silverwood. Lake hiking out to Cajon Pass
Cajon Pass. almost to Canada

Resting in Idyllwild 

Mile 180,  right on schedule but Jerry’s blisters need a break.  He has been hiking with pain for 4 days. 

Trail has been great.  Great views fun people and nice backpacking. All gear and food is working well 


jerry hiking with Julia climbing San Flipe Mtns
Reached 100 miles only 2,550 to go
Eagle Rock one of the coolest rock formations
Warner Spring our first food resupply. mile 109. Showers are a bucket you pour over your head
Sunset at ridge campsite . Mile 144 Tent is working great
Jerry’s blister is giant. Ran out of large pads to treat
Jerry hitched hiked ahead to Idyllwild will spend 3 days resting foot. Lots of PCT hikers are skipping the alternative trails to Idyllwild with the PCT closed for 12 miles due to fire damage.  A group of us hiked the road and dirt trails to get to Idyllwild a day behind Jerry 

Fire closure signs big fines for hiking in closed area
Dinner with PCT hikers Bluejay, Joe, Murphy, and Moving On
This group all hiked the AT in 2014 with Scott “Shroomer” Williams. Nice group of strong hikers  
Hanging out in Idyllwild. lot’s of PCT hikers

What a Great Trail

  • PCT day 4 — Wow first 77 miles complete. What a great 4 days. On our first dat hiking 20 miles we met our first angel with ice cold coconuts, cold water and snacks. He was supporting his dad for his dad’s first week on the PCT and a lot of other grateful hikers. Thanks Rob💕  After we got to our first stop the campground had showers — so we had 15 min showers and cleaned our clothes. Also since there was a store Jerry thought we should grab  a beer. Great idea Jerry!  Set up camp and day 1 complete. Day 2 started off raining and only got worse. Hiking in the rain is great with an umbrella   After a wet day and wet night we hiked another full day in the rain stopping at a dry campsite at mile 56.   Woke up day four planning a 21 mile day with 38 degree temps and 25+ winds we got going fast to stay warm
  •   Got to mile 77 trying to hitch hike to Jullian. Met some day hikers who offered us and two others a ride. Great dinner at Carmens Mexican restaurant. Owner also got us a ride to a hotel for the night.  Drying gear for day 5.   

Small Issue

Hey if it was easy everyone would hike the PCT.  So Sunday morning finished the food, packed up all the maps got all the medical stuff (just in case) and finished my lists for tasks in the house.  Last thing pack up my gear and be ready to go.  As I packed my gear my tent was missing.  No worries must have put in the gear closet after taking it to Oregon over a month ago.  Oh, not there — where could the tent be?  Search car, house, shed, called Jerry in case it got in with his gear — Nothing.  Less than 24 hours before leaving and I do not have a lightweight tent.  So I grab my normal almost 5lb tent and strap in on my backpack.  This tent is a great tent but over 3.5lb heavier than my lost lightweight tent.   Oh well.

But 6:30am on driving day to LA,  quick internet search and I can get a tent shipped to San Diego if I order before 7:00am  So I hit the button and a new tent is on its way to San Diego only 5 ounces more than my original tent.  So nice visit with my daughter Megan and her fiancé Daniel in Hollywood on Monday and drive to San Diego on Tuesday.


Get to hotel and YES my tent beat me to the hotel – All is good in San Diego –  Start hiking in 14 hours